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A light aircraft is approaching for landing behind a heavy aircraft, the time separation minima between them must be:




A pilot who estimated an arrival time of 0750 over the facility serving his destination , was estimated over the facility at 0744 by the center . Earlier he was given an expected approach time at 0747 which he acknowledged, but when cleared for an approach at 0745 no reply was received and contact with him cannot be re-established  To minimize the possibility of collision with the unreported aircraft , until what time other traffic will be restricted ?

3. . . … is a special series NOTAM notifying the presence or removal of hazardous conditions due to snow, ice, slush or standing water associated with snow, slush and ice on the movement area, by means of a specific format.



The criteria used for the amendment of TAF should be base on the following:


Câu 26.         Which of the following characteristics apply to short-term memory?
1: it is limited in time and size
2: it is unlimited in time and limited in size
3: it is stable and insensitive to disturbances
4: it is limited in time and unlimited in size
(Professione Volare Domane Human Factor)


Câu 30.  Which of the following statements fits best the concept of latent error? Latent errors:


The controller shall…………. to ascertain that the clearance or instruction has been correctly acknowledge by flight crew and shall take immediately action to correct any discrepancies revealed by the…..

8. The distance from DVOR/DME to threshold of RWY 11 is:


9. Stopway dimentions:



By which appropriate authority shall the establishment prohibited areas and restricted areas in the territory of Viet Nam be approved?
(Sourced by VN Civil Aviation Law 2006)

11. Except when lateral separation exists, vertical separation shall be applied between aircraft holding in flight and other aircraft, whether arriving, departing or enroute, whenever the other aircraft concerned are within… flying time of the holding area or within a distance prescribed by the appropriate authority.




13. What is rescue coordination centre?



Câu 19.         Stress is a response which is prompted by the occurrence of various stressors. Of these, which can be called physiological?

15. Refer to the VOR/DME approach RWY 29, what is the missed approach point?


16. The magnetic bearing between VILAO and DONGI is:



The selection of code 7700 on an aircr aft SSR transponder indicates


. Minimum flight altitude ensures( according to Annex II rules of the air):

19. AIS stands for:



 An ILS CAT 1 can guide an arriving a/c to:


Pilots should notify air traffic control a revised estimated time if the reported  estimate for the reporting point is found to be in error in excess of:

22. If an arriving aircraft  is making a straight-in-approach, A departing aircraft may take off in any direction until…..before the arriving aircraft is estimated to be over the instrument runway.


23. .……. shall be given priority over other aircraft listed below:


24. What is rescue unit?


25. The elevation of the highest obstacle in the area of responsibility of ĐONGHOI TWR is:



When Mode C is selected on the aircraft SSR transponder the additional information transmitted is:


Which one is not correct:



28. Mist (BR) is reported when:



Pilot should notify air traffic control a revised estimated time if the reported estimate for the reporting point is found to be in error in excess of:
( Tham chiếu Quy chế HKDD2007 – Điều 31 khoản 3.c)

30. Holding procedure is :


31. The pavement classification number of Runway 11/29:



On a non-precision approach a so-called” straight-in-approach” is considered acceptable, if the angle between the final approach track and runway centerline is:

33. Refer to the DVOR/DME approach RWY 29; The final approach track is ….. Offset from extended runway centerline?


34. Type of Approach lighting system for RWY 29 is:



The reason of ‘Swiss Cheese’ model helps the investigator identify and make recommendation about:

36. Air traffic means :


37. Who is responsible for an ATC clearance to be safe in respect to terrain clearance?



When the destination aerodrome is outside controlled airspace, the ATC unit responsible for:

39. The direction in which the longitudinal axis of an aircraft is pointed usually expressed in degrees from North (true , magnetic, compass, or grid)



SIGMET information is issued as a warning for significant weather to

41. The upper/ lower limits of W2 from DVOR/DME VIN to DONGI is:



Except when necessary for take-off or landing or except when specifically authorized by the appropriate authority , an IFR flight shall not be flown at :


Speed adjustments may not be requested or applied after the aircraft has passed a point of…………… from the threshold on final approach:


Two –way communication between aircraft and stations on the surface of the earth. That is the definition of :

45. When being on duty, which certification shall air traffic controller  hold with ? (sourced by VN Civil Aviation Law 2006)


46. Which ICAO document contains the location indicators ?


47. On receipt of post – flight information from the pilot, the AIS unit at the airport shall:



The different between IAS and TAS will:

49. Near- parallel runways are :


50. What is the unit of measurement used to express radius in the Q line ( NOTAM format ) ?


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